What We Believe

Following Jesus-

Jesus Christ is the Incarnation of God and is the Creator, Sustainer, and Redeemer of our fallen world.  When Jesus met people, he called upon them to "follow" Him.  Following implies a change of direction accompanied by a change of location.  Following is evidenced by action in our lives.  So, when we was someone to be a Christian we are asking them to Follow Jesus, not just to become a member of a group.  When Peter preached on the day the church began (Acts2), the crowd was "cut to the heart" and asked how to be saved.  Peter told them to "repent" (change the direction of their life) and follow Jesus.  For 2,000 years, repentance and baptism have evidenced the beginning of a life that follows Jesus.  

Jesus led followers, not fans.  The highest example of Jesus' leadership was to the cross where, obedient and humble, He gave His life as sacrifice for the sin of humankind.  All who believe in Jesus' sacrifice and confess Jesus as Lord of their life become followers and are saved forever. 

Making Disciples-

In the Gospel of Matthew 28:18-20 Jesus tells His followers to make disciples of people of every group in all the world.  At first glance, this may seem repetitive of the call to Follow Jesus, but it isn't.  A disciple is a learner, not just a follower. Disciple making is intentional and requires organization and implementation.  It is evidenced by Bible Study groups, missional action, and evangelism.  Our hearts focus on the global impact of disciple making and support it with our time and our treasure.

Serving Others-

In 1 Peter 4:10 the Bible reminds us that our gifts/abilities/possessions exist for the service of others.  Jesus Christ modeled service to His disciples the highest and humblest when He washed their feet and served the last Passover meal with them, the night before He was crucified.  Jesus called his followers then and now to be servants, not masters and to lead as He did.  When we can get outside ourselves and see the needs of others, we can begin to serve.  Serving others comes from a heart that is secure in its understanding of salvation.  There is no need for recognition of a servant from others, but a longing to please our lord.

Changing Lives-

A Christians spiritually regenerate or "reborn" life occurs at salvation and develops through discipleship and service.  One who is following Jesus begins their eternal life at the moment they confess Him as Savior and Lord.  The goal of a believer is not to learn how to wait for heaven alone, but to live a life that exemplifies heaven's presence on earth.  Acts of confession and accountability help overcome additions and sin in our lives.  Participation in missional activity changes our perspective on others and their needs.  Our concepts of money and time realign with God's will as we become stewards, not owners.  Households and families become places of safety and security leading to a more productive society.  Christians become change agents of cultural values that enable opportunities to share the Gospel to all persons, so that all can be changed in Jesus Christ.